Where to Buy Grow Lights: High Quality Grow Lights & Ballasts
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Where to Buy EYE HORTILUX® Grow Lights

Looking to buy EYE HORTILUX® bulbs? You’re in luck—there are Authorized HORTILUX® Retailers near you.

Where to Buy Grow Lights

Find where to buy grow lights through EYE HORTILUX.

Every indoor gardener deserves the best horticultural products for their plants. When indoor growers need the best, they turn to EYE HORTILUX’s high quality grow lights and ballasts. That’s why EYE HORTILUX products can be found in almost every hydroponics store across the nation.

Find out where to buy EYE HORTILUX grow lights in your area by entering your zip code below. From there you can just pick where to buy grow lights and ballasts for your indoor garden at any of the locations listed in your region.

Once you’ve found where you can buy EYE HORTILUX products, you’ll need to decide just what grow lamps you should get. If you’re still not sure, browse our products to decide which of our premium options best suit your growing needs.

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EYE Lighting International

EYE HORTILUX® offers grow lamps and ballast for indoor gardening applications. Our grow lamps are made in the U.S.A.

Made in America
  • HORTILUX® is a trademark of Iwasaki Electric Co.,
    and is registered in USA and Japan.