BALLAST-PL1000HPMB-120/240V Performance Specs | EYE HORTILUX<sup>®</sup>


The BALLAST-PL1000HPMB-120/240V is a 1000 watt e-Ballast from EYE HORTILUX®. Explore the performance specs.

BALLAST-PL1000HPMB-120/240V | EYE HORTILUX<sup>®</sup> Grow Light Ballast | EYE HORTILUX<sup>®</sup>
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Watts: 1000
Input Line Voltage Range: 120/240
Ballast Frequency Output 120
Total Harmonic Distortion 4% Max.
Power Factor > 0.99
Microprocessor Controlled Ballast: NO
Max Remote Ballast Distance (ft.): 15
Short Circuit Protection: YES
Operates HPS: YES
Operates MH: YES
MSRP: $659.95
Safety Standards: UL 1029, UL 935, CSA C22.2#74
EMC Approval: CFR Title 47 Part 18.307 & 18.305 Class-B Limits

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