Grow Light Case Studies: Metal Halide & HPS Lamps
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Grow Light Case Studies: EYE HORTILUX® in Action

From small start-ups to multi-national corporations, companies all over the globe rely on EYE HORTILUX™ for their grow light needs.

Read our grow lamp case studies to learn how companies are using EYE HORTILUX™ technology to change the way plants are grown.

EYE HORTILUX™ lamps maintain optimum growing conditions year-round.

Greenhouse Miyazaki Limited grows the herb Oba. They use organic, low-chemical cultivation methods in an environment with an abundance of pure water. Oba is a summer herb, so to ensure a stable supply all year round, a summer growing environment must be maintained at all times. This was accomplished by installing a supplementary lighting system to provide additional heat and artificial sunlight up to 365 days a year.

Greenhouse Miyazaki uses EYE Metal Halide and EYE HPS lamps to maintain optimum growing conditions throughout the year in their growing facilities. The payoff is a continuous, year-round supply of Oba. These plants boast an increased number of brightly colored leaves that fill the air with a rich, pleasant fragrance.

EYE HORTILUX™ lamps reduce cultivation time from 15 days to 10 days.

Kakutahama Farm, owned by Greens Plant Maki, uses hydroponics to grow spring onions and other herbs. They grow in large greenhouses covering an area greater than 10,000 square meters.

This farm provides the seedling culture for all the company’s farms, as well as the intermediate cultivation of mitsuba (Japanese Parsley). In order to shorten the amount of time required to grow mitsuba, a supplementary lighting system covering 1,000 square meters was built in the intermediate growing area.

The installation of EYE high pressure sodium lamps made it possible to reduce cultivation time from 15 days to around 10 days. Because the farm is in an area that receives approximately 30 minutes of sunlight a day in the winter, the supplementary lighting is used from November until mid-March and on days where there is less than 15 hours of sunlight. After about ten days of intermediate growing in the supplemental lighting area, automatic transplantation equipment is used to space the seedlings out into an area of about twice the original size. The plants grow for another 20 days until they reach a height of about 30cm, and are then harvested.

EYE HORTILUX™ lamps supply produce with non-stop light throughout the winter.

The Jinnai Farm 21 Plant Factory is a futuristic agricultural plant that uses cutting-edge biotechnology. The complex covers a vast area totaling 1,483 acres, and is one of Japan’s largest plant production factories.

A variety of state-of-the-art facilities have been installed in an effort to realize the owner’s dream of "winter-conquering systems." The factory consists of a research area, a cultivation trial area, cultivation area, and a 3,000 square meter solar greenhouse.

A supplementary lighting system using EYE lamps is used in one of the experimental facilities in order to supply produce through the winter months. During winter, the lamps are used to supplement the shorter daylight hours. Trials are currently being conducted to determine at which stage of growth after planting the use of supplementary lighting is the most effective

EYE HORTILUX™ lamps provide supplementary light to maintain constant production of produce.

Kawasaki Life's plant factory, Sanda Vegetable Center, is an ultra-high density hydroponic vegetable growing facility. It has brought together the very best state-of-the-art technology.

The entire growing process, from planting to harvesting, is fully automated. It’s designed to provide the optimal conditions for growing vegetables. This provides a template for the best styles of modern agriculture and a new future for vegetable production.

An artificial lighting system has been installed at the plant factory to supplement sunlight on days when it is rainy or cloudy. EYE lamps have been installed for supplementary lighting to grow leafy vegetable such as lettuce and salad leaves.

Although there is less light in the winter months, this system that combines natural sunlight and artificial light, making it possible to maintain constant production volumes of produce throughout the year.

EYE HORTILUX™ lamps provide light to an underground hydroponic farm.

A bank vault in the basement of Pasona O2 in Tokyo's Otemachi financial district has been converted into a flourishing farm.

Pasona, a personnel company, created the underground vegetable fields to provide agricultural training to a new generation. This urban farm is maintained using computer-controlled artificial light and temperature management. In the absence of sunlight, the plants are sustained by artificial light from light-emitting diodes, metal halide lamps, and high-pressure sodium vapor lamps.

The temperature of the room is controlled by computer, and the vegetables are grown by a pesticide-free method in which fertilizer and carbon dioxide are delivered by spraying.

Hydroponics, in which plants are grown in water and hardly any soil is used, is one of the methods of cultivation used in the facility. The "field" has an area of about 1,000 square meters. Tomatoes, lettuces, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables are grown, as well as flowers and herbs. There is also a terraced paddy field used to grow rice.

EYE HORTILUX™ lamps provide supplemental lighting for deep-water hydroponics growing.

Founded in 1985 in Quebec, HydroSerre operates a massive 800,000 square-foot series of greenhouses. It is North America's largest producer of Boston lettuce. They sell about 15 million heads of lettuce a year, and a small percentage of their operation is growing fresh herbs.

HydroSerre grows strictly in deep water hydroponics; their entire product is grown in water containing nutrients and never touches soil. Their product is cleaner, faster to package, and easier for the end user to prepare.

EYE HORTILUX™ Super HPS 600W lamps are used as supplemental lighting to grow the lettuce year-round. The lighting and nutrients are controlled by sophisticated control systems. HydroSerre's spin-off company, HydroNov, now sells growing systems in markets including China, Japan, Mexico and Europe.

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