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BTU calculator for grow lamps

BTU Calculator

Are you wondering how much power it takes to operate one of our grow lamps? EYE HORTILUX has created the BTU Calculator to help you easily determine the right amount power your grow lamps need to cool the air around your plants to keep them from burning.

A BTU, also known as a British Thermal Unit, is a measurement of the energy needed to cool a substance. Grow lamps generate a lot of heat. By converting your wattage into BTU per hour, you’ll have the information you need to keep your plants cooled so that they don’t burn up from the heat of the grow lamps.

Using the BTU Calculator is simple - just enter the wattage of the light bulb you’re thinking of, and our helpful BTU calculator will tell you how much power you need to keep your plants safe while they grow. Once you hit “Calculate,” the BTU calculator coverts the chosen wattage into BTU/HR.

Once you’ve decided on a grow lamp, make sure to find a retailer near you to buy your preferred EYE HORTILUX grow lamps. HORTILUX designs and manufactures a wide variety of high-quality grow lamps and electronic ballasts indoor hydroponic growers to help you make your plants grow to be as good as possible.

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