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FAQs about 1000w hps ballasts, hid spectrum, and more.

HID Light & Electronic Ballast FAQ

If you’ve got questions about HID lights, grow lamps, or electronic ballasts, you’re in the right place. We’ve got answers for you!

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A 600 watt lamp lights up and runs on a 1000 watt ballast. Are there any ramification?

Yes you could have serious ramifications.  A 600 watt lamp is not designed to take 1000 watts.  The life of the lamp will be shortened dramatically and it could possible explode.  This will also void the warranty.

You should never over drive any HID lamp.

Any warranty? I have swore by your bulbs my concern is I just bought two bulbs from authorized dealers four month ago I first used them other than first test to give seller feed back and two months ago I out them to use one has gone out already and they both had a different output on my meter from the get go the one that was lower has gone bad while the other has barely lost any of its glory is it a fluke or are new bulbs not as well built as I have had your bulbs last years before ... :/

All of our grow lamps carry a full 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  Please see our warranty statement here http://www.eyehortilux.com/warranty/

Please know that HID lamps take 100 hrs of burn time before they stabilize and produce consistent lumens and spectrum.

Are all your lamps UL listed?

HID lamps are not required to be UL listed by the Federal Government.  Furthermore ANSI (American National Standards Institute) does not require lamps to be listed.

HID lamps are considered a light source and therefore are not required to be UL listed.

Are these bulbs new? How do I check the bulbs ?

You can check the color of the monogram on the lamp to see if it is new or used.  If the monogram color is brown, that means the lamp is new.  If the monogram color is orange, that means the lamp has been used.

Watch this video to see the color change in the lamp monogram.

Are you bulbs compatible with 480 volt systems? Do they need special hoods?I know they need a special ballast (480V) but trying to make sure the hoods and bulbs are compatible.

As long as the ballast wattage and the lamp wattage match, it does not matter what voltage your ballast operates at.  Ballast input voltage only refers to the voltage coming out of your outlet.  Since you have 480V coming out of your outlet, you need to have a ballast that can accept 480V.  This has no affect on lamp/ballast compatibility nor do you need a special hood to operate at that voltage.

Are your bulbs pulse start rated?

The term "Pulse Start" really only refers to Metal Halide lamps.  EYE HORTILUX™ does offer a Pulse Start option known as the eStart Metal Halide Grow Lamp.  Since the eStart is a Pulse Start lamp, it is better suited for use on electronic / digial ballasts.  Learn more about our eStart grow lamp here http://www.eyehortilux.com/products/metal-halide#es

As I understand it, some of your lamps direct light out of the tip of the bulb, in a 15 degree pattern. Consequently, one would mount such lamp vertically, right? I'm considering mounting your mt250d/htl-blue in an indoor warehouse type fixture (the same kind you see in COSTCO). These lamps mount vertically. Would I have any problems using the mt250d/htl-blue in one of these fixtures?

Each HID lamp has operating position requirements.  We print those requirements on our packaging so you know how to position the lamp in the fixture.

The 250W BLUE can operate in any position.

At what temperature does the dual arc 1000W Super Blue burn? Also, what temperature is it inside of a reflector with this bulb burning?

The bulb temperature for the 1000W Super Blue Dual Arc is 752°F. The temperature inside the reflector is going to be close to that, depending on the type of reflector you have.
We get this question a lot, and many growers are trying to figure out how to cool your room. We have a BTU calculator that can help you determine the power of your cooling system.

can I operate 1000w hortilux blue or super blue with a phantom ballast (1000w).? I think I used hortilux blues in the past with no problem. Wanted to ask before purchasing. Some say yes while others say no.

The 1000W HORTILUX BLUE is not recommended to be used on a Phantom ballast at this time.  For reliable performance of the HORTILUX BLUE please use the HORTILUX Platinum or Gold Series eBallast or a magnetic core & coil ballast. 

The HORTILUX Dual Arc (Super Blue) is not recommended to be used on any electronic ballast.

See HORTILUX ballasts here http://eyehortilux.com/products/ballast

Can I use all of your metal halide light bulbs in vertical fixtures?

No, some Metal Halide lamps must be used in a specific orientation.  Refer to the directions on the packaging for the burn orientation of each Metal Halide lamp, or you can view the lamp requirements on our web site http://eyehortilux.com/products/metal-halide 

Can I use my HORTILUX 1000 watt light bulb for a third bloom.

Yes, the HORTILUX Super HPS 1000W grow lamp can be used for a third bloom.  Refer to our Lamp Replacement Guide for details on when to replace HPS and Metal Halide grow lamps.


Can I use my HPS bulb in a closed hood or do i need to remove the covers from my hoods.

HPS bulbs can be used in an open or an enclosed fixture.

can I use the new Lumatek digital ballasts with the HORTILUX BLUE lights without any problems? And do the BLUE line of bulbs work better with certain types of ballasts?

You should be able to use any brand HID ballast with any brand HID lamp.  It is the ballasts job to provide the proper power to the lamp.  The ballast is the power supply.  If the power is not being supplied properly the lamp will not work properly.

EYE HORTILUX offers electronic ballasts that will operate HORTILUX grow lamps.  See our ballasts here http://www.eyehortilux.com/products/ballast

Here you can also see a lamp/ballast compatible troubleshooting video to help determine if you have a bad bulb or a bad ballast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGlf-3-OC8I&list=PLPEQtZD6rfKP8xTL3esDAi-SznybL2h0B&feature=share&index=5

Can I use your 1000w Blue bulb with my 1000w Quantum ballast? Or is the bulb not compatible with that ballast? I await your response, Thank-you.

Yes, the Quantum electronic ballast should be able to operate the HORTILUX BLUE Metal Halide grow lamp.  Keep in mind it is the ballasts job to operate the grow lamp.  If the ballast is unable to light the lamp or keep it lit, then the ballast is not properly designed to operate HID lamps.

Can someone go over using the daylight blue bulbs and transitioningg them down from 18hrs---->12hrs smoothly when switching from veg to flower any assistance would be great

This really depends on what you are trying to do, how fast or slow you are tying to do it and your experience and comfort level when using indoor grow lamps.

We reccomend consulting with the growing experts at your local Hydroponics store.

Can the new eStart MH bulbs be used on dimmable electronic ballasts? Can they be set to 50% output? Can you overdrive the 1000 watt with an 1150 watt electronic ballast (boost on)?

eStart MH lamps can be run on a dimmable ballast and they can be over driven.  HOWEVER WE DO NOT RECOMMEND dimming or over driving any HID lamp.

When running the lamp below its rated wattage you run the risk of the lamp dropping out (shutting off).  This can happen because there is not enough voltage being supplied to the lamp to keep it lit. 

Reducing power to the lamp will also cause the spectral
quality of the lamp to diminish greatly, affecting plant growth.

When over driving, you run the risk of exploding the lamp.  Over driving provides more voltage than the lamp requires.  This can be very dangerous.  Especially with Metal Halide lamps.

Can you run dual arc bulb vertical?

Yes the EYE HORTILUX Dual Arc grow lamp can be run in any position, horizontal or vertical.

Could u plz tell me how far i should hold my 400w MH light away from my plant? My bulb is missing the glass around it. It still works and i'm on day 2 of this clone. Also why won't my HPS bulb (Brand New,) work in the same socket/setup as my MH?? Plz help! THX

You should NOT use any HID light, especially a Metal Halide, that does not have the outer bulb.  MH bulbs produce UV and without the outer bulb you are being exposed to unsafe levels of UV.  

The position of your grow lamp over your plants really depends on the quality of your reflector.  Refer to the reflectors directions.

Your HPS lamp may not work for a number of resons.  Check to see if your ballast is rated to operate HPS lamps.

do all your lamps have CSA or ul ?? there is nothing on the lamps

HID lamps are not required to be UL listed by the Federal Government.  Furthermore ANSI (American National Standards Institute) does not require lamps to be listed.

HID lamps are considered a light source and therefore are not required to be UL listed.

Do HORTILUX bulbs run better vertical or horitional?

Each HID lamp has operating position requirements.  We print those requirements on our packaging so you know how to position the lamp in  the fixture.  Following the directions allows for maximum performance of the lamp.

Do HORTILUX lamps work on electronic/digital ballasts?

HORTILUX™ lamps work as well as any competitive brand on electronic ballasts. Performance really depends on the quality of the electronic ballast and the ability of the ballast manufacture to produce consistently good products.

Do I have to replace the ballast and hid light at the same time? Or can I just replace the hid and use the ballast that is already there?

You do not have to replace the ballast with the lamp.  Typically the ballast should last for many years where as you should replace your grow lamps at least every year.

Do you recommend hanging your lights vertically? I bought a new hood that hangs the light vertical and it seems to penetrate the canopy better, just wondering what you recommend.

Each HID lamp has guidelines regarding the position it should operated. Refer to the direction of the packaging for the burn position recommendation.

Does a metal halide being powered by a Platinum Series ballast flicker or strobe at 120 times a second?

No, the Platinum Series electronic ballast will not produce any flickering. This is possible because the Platinum provides power with square wave technology which is very different than sine wave technology. Please view our video on the Platinum Series ballast.

Does air cooling a bulb in a vented hood increase the lifespan of the bulb?

No, air cooling a bulb will not increase the life span or damage it in any way.

Does running a ballast at 50% consume the same power at it would at 100%???

No, they do not consume the same amount of power.  Lower
settings do consume less power.  However, the system will consume about 10% more than the setting indicates.  In general, a system running a 1000W lamp at the 600W setting will consume about 665 Watts of energy.  Of course each individual ballast will vary.

does the 430 bulb work in digital ballasts and maybe on super lumen setting, if so hows it compare to the 400 in lumens, also i have a solis tek ballast i believe the super lumen setting adds 30 watts

It may or may not work.  If it does operate, even at the super lumen setting, the lamp will be under driven and you will not bet the full spectrum the light can produce if it were being operated at 100%.

EYE HORTILUX Gold Series e-Ballasts what is the best way to mount the ballast vertical or horizontal?

Feel free to mount the EYE HORTILUX Gold Series electronic ballast in any orientation.  The ballast is not air cooled so the mounting position is your preference.

Has Hortilux come out with a pulse start HPS bulb yet? Thanks.Kevin

Pulse Start only refers to Metal Halide lamps.

Hi, I was wondering if new hps bulbs need to be "broken-in" when first purchased? My friend said they need to be run for 24 hrs when new before using on a 12 hr cycle.

The chemistry inside all HID lamps that produces the spectrum stabilizes after 100 hours of burn time. The lighting industry does
not measure for the performance of HID lamps until the lamp has been burned for 100 hours.

This does NOT mean you should burn your grow lamps for 100 hours before putting them over your plants. The lamps are good to use right out of the box with zero hours. This will not hurt your plants in any way.

Hortilux Metal Halide E-start 1000W lamp - It's my understanding that this lamp will burn from an electronic ballast and a core and coil magnetic ballast. I am told by a customer that 3 lamps they purchased from us will not fire in a Lumatek 1000W ballast nor a core and coil. Please help. Thank you very much! I hope all is well at EYE!

The HORTILUX eStart Metal Halide grow lamps can be operated by an electronic ballast or a Pulse Start magnetic ballast.

If your are experiencing compatibility issues please test the lamp on another ballast to see if the lamp is bad or the ballast is bad.  Watch this troubleshooting video that shows how a ballast can sometimes not fire a lamp.

HORTILUX™ BLUE lamps develop paint chips that look like powder in the outer jacket as they age. Why is this?

This is normal for the HORTILUX™ Blue lamp type. The white powder will accumulate inside the bulb jacket as the lamp ages. This will not reduce the performance of the lamp..

how can you say kelvin doesn't matteryou need to change that because that is a lieand you know it

Kelvin Temperature only refers to the color of the light, or what color the light looks like to the human eye.  Kelvin does not tell you the quality of the spectral distribution coming from the light source.

You can have two light sources with the same Kelvin Temperature but with different spectral distributions.  Look at the example here https://www.facebook.com/hortilux?ref=hl#!/photo.php?fbid=474652089278749&set=pb.129934520417176.-2207520000.1396230709.&type=3&theater

How do I determine the warranty of the lamp?

Lamps have a 1-year warranty from the date of installation (please save your receipt). If this date is not documented, then EYE uses the manufacture date. All returns should be handled through the store where you purchased the lamp.

How do I know I'm purchasing a new HPS lamp versus one that’s used?

HORTILUX™ lamps are manufactured in the US and have a brown monogram that changes to orange after approximately ten hours of use. This includes HPS lamps. More information on our monograms is available.

How far should my M1000B/U/BT37/HTL be from my plants and what size area will it cover. I use it to start seeds for a few months.

A 1000W lamp will cover roughly a 5x5 area.  Fixture  spacing and position above the plant vary widely. Light output and coverage is  greatly dependent upon fixture design and quality of the materials used. Please  consult the fixture manufacturer for recommendation on fixture spacing relative  to plants.

See the lamp coverage guide here http://www.eyehortilux.com/education-room/lighting-basics.aspx#collapseThirteen

How long does the lamp last?

Average lamp life is rated by the manufacture in hours. This means that at this number of hours ½ of the lamps installed should still be operating. We recommend that HPS lamps should be replaced in 1 to 1 ½ years and Metal Halide lamps should be replaced in 6 to 9 months.

How many amps does the Hortilux 1000 watt Super HPS grow lamp draw?

The amp draw is determined by the ballast and what input voltage you are using.  Typically a ballast running at 120V will pull 8.3 amps.  A ballast running at 240V will typically pull 4.1 amps. 

Refer to your ballast instructions or label to determine the actual amp draw.

how many hours does the super HPS 1000 watt grow light last

The rated life of our 1000W Super HPS is 20,000 hours.  But when using the lamp for indoor plant growth you should replace it at least every 12 months.

See our lamp replacement guide for more informaiton.


How many hours will your 1000w hps bulb last

The 1000W Super HPS has a rated average life of 24,000 hours. If you’re growing plants with this lamp we recommend you replace your HPS lamps every 9 to 10 months.

How many lumens are there if a 400 watt high pressure sodium light bulbs, ballast is at 25%, and 50%

You should never dim your grow lights.  Watch this short video explanation as to why. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kytTVcxFKRA&list=PLPEQtZD6rfKOzPTWYSe9eOEMeqC04SvDr&feature=share&index=10

How many lumens is the min to need to change a HPS 1000 watter, and a MH 1000 watt. We are about to need to do a huge bulb change and want to get the most out of our old bulbs without hurting our crop due to insufficient lumens

Lumens do not tell the whole story when considering indoor plant growth.  When choosing and replacing your grow lamps you should be more concerned with the quality of the spectrum.  The spectrum coming from the light source is what drives plant response.

Measuring the Lumen output of your lights will not tell you if the quality of the spectrum has degraded past the point of quality plant growth.  The quality of the spectrum will degrade over time affecting the quality of your plant growth.

When installing your lamps you should log the installation date of each lamp so you can plan when to replace them based on our Lamp Replacement Guide.

Please reference our Lamp Replacement Guide for more information on when to replace lamps.  http://eyehortilux.com/education-room/grow-guide.aspx#collapseTen

How many umol's should a new Hortilux eye 1000w hps bulb emit and what distance from the bulb is that measured from? Also, how many umol's should be subtracted from that number to the point where the bulb should be replaced. I cannot go off of bulb hours because I do not know how many hours the bulbs in my facility has, so I purchased a Li-Cor sensor and meter.

There is no real way to provide that information and have it span the  wide array of fixtures and ballasts in the market.  Micro Moles are  greatly affected by the quality of the fixture and the quality of the  ballast.  The more focused the fixture, the more light you will get to your plants.

Micro Mole measurements are a more practical method of measuring the uniformity of your fixture rather than measuring the growing power of an HID lamp.

Please watch this video that explains how your system can affect your lighting measurements. http://youtu.be/_IvrOL6Vtbo?list=UUnhrqox9bI2sCryZZAIDmSg

To learn more about PAR and what it measures and doesn't measure see our web site here http://eyehortilux.com/education-room/grow-guide.aspx#collapseEight 

The best way to decipher when to replace your grow lamps is to log the installation of each lamp.  Use our Lamp Replacement Guide when considering when to replace your grow lamps.  http://eyehortilux.com/education-room/grow-guide.aspx#collapseTen

How much radiant heat does a 1000w hid lamp produce in an enclosed hood? What is the coolest temperature we can use through an enclosed hood to cool the lamp? ex: would bringing in 0 degree air have a negative effect on the lamp?

We have a BTU calculator on our website to help you
determine the cooling necessary for each lamp wattage:  http://www.eyehortilux.com/education-room/btu-calculator.aspx

Air cooling a fixture is designed to keep the growing area comfortable for the plants.  Air temperature and flow rates need to be adjusted to help maintain this temperature.  If the air temperature is really low than your airflow rates should be reduced.  

Most of our products are not adversely affected by cold air, however, it may take the lamps a little while longer to come up to full brightness.

I am air-cooling your 1000w HPS bulbs. I have been running them for about 7 months now and have started to notice some dust collection. How do you recommend I clean the bulbs? I have heard everything from fleece to isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

You can just use a dry paper towel or cloth.  The glass used on HID lamps is regular glass and can not be harmed buy using the above materials.

I am looking to change from 1000w hps to 600w hps. Just to see if I have this right. Thr par of the 600w vs the 1000w is the same. The only difference is the intensity if the light. Is this correct?ThanksJason

That is incorrect.  The PAR for the 600W will be less than the 1000W.  PAR is essentially a measurement of intensity.  Since the 1000W is brighter and has more intensitiy the 600W will have less PAR.

See our description of PAR here and why it is not a good indication of the quality of a grow lamp



I bought 2 400 watt MH Blue bulbs in 2012. I have used one and are now planning to use the second bulb. The first bulb was in a dusty old box and I was concerned about it's age. Upon enquiry, I was advised as to how to check the mfg. date and then advised to use a magnetic ballast. Now I am reading that Blue bulbs can be used with a digital (e-ballast). Does this apply only to newly mfg'd bulbs, or is it safe to use the 2nd bulb with my Lumitek digital ballast?

HORTILUX BLUE Metal Halide grow lamps are compatible with electronic ballasts.  If you are having a problem with a lamp working on a particular ballast watch our Lamp/Ballast Compatibility Troubleshooting video to find the problem.


I bought a regular bulb from home depot, can I use any 1000 watt bulb in my 1000 watt fixture? Do I need a special digital bulb or something?

If you have a 1000W bulb you must have a 1000W ballast.  The fixture is a separate issue.  The fixture must have the proper size socket to accept a 1000W bulb.

You do not need a special digital bulb.  There is no such thing as a "digital" bulb.  All bulbs have the same electrical specifications meaning that ballasts must provide those specs.

I bought one of your new gold ballast, 1000 watt. My question is the ballast went bad, it says 3 year warranty, do I send it to you or do I have to send it to the company I bought it from. Also there is a shop in my area that sells your products can they replace it? The company I bought it from was online and I would have to ship it who would pay for shipping?

Please return the ballast to the place of purchase.  They will have to test it to confirm the ballast is defective.  If you have any problems with this process, please call our customer service department 888-665-2677.

I currently use your 1000w hps for veg and would like to switch to 1000w MH e start. Does the metal halide give off more heat than the hps? Ive heard of stories that they burn at different temps and i am very concerned about this because my air conditioning is barley keeping up as it is

There are minor differences in heat that really should not make a difference either way when using 1000W HPS or MH.  You are operating at 1000W regardless if you are using MH or HPS.

There are many variables that can affect the amount of heat radiated by the lamp.  Bulb size, bulb thickness, fixture size, air cooled, non air cooled, fixture mounting height, age of the fixture etc...  Even still the difference in heat is small because you are still using 1000W.

If you use our BTU calculator you can figure out the BTU's needed to effectively cool your room.  Use it here http://www.eyehortilux.com/education-room/btu-calculator.aspx

I had a 1000 watt super hps the inside rod looks like it exploded open and now the bulb looks like a mirror would i go threw you or the retailer its only been three weeks thanks .

Please return the lamp to your retailer.  This is the fastest way to receive a replacement lamp.

Just an FYI, if your lamp has that mirrored look inside after only 3 weeks and the internal arc tube has cracked or broken, most likely your ballast was not operating the lamp properly.  That is usually a typical sign the ballast was over driving the lamp.  If the same thing happens again in less than one year, then your ballast is killing the lamp and the ballast should be replaced.

I have 4-1000W Super HPS running in light tubes hooked up to one fan. This morning all of the lights except for the 1st one (with the coolest outside air) shut down at the same time. I thought that it must be electrical except they are all plugged to the same electrical box. About 5 minutes later they all came back on again! Is there are heat shut off in the bulb itself? In the ballast maybe?

HID lamps do not have an internal temperature shut down.  Most likely your ballast shut down the lamp for a number of reasons.  The lamps could be at the end of their life, the ballast could have overheated, you could have lost power for a second.

Check to see how old your lamps are.  If they are still relatively
new check your system to see what the problem could be.

I have a 1000watt dimmable ballast. I am currently running it at 100% 24 hours a day and these summer days are so hot that I have been switching the ballast to 50% at night to let the house cool off a little. I'm wondering if this light change will negatively effect the plants.

Dimming down your light will affect the quality of your plant growth and the speed in which you are trying to grow.  The spectrum of the light is also negatively affected causing it to shift making the output from the lamp differ than if it were running at 100%.

In situations where you need to reduce the amount of heat in your room, we highly recommend using a lower wattage lamp at 100%.  This will insure your plants are receiving a quality spectrum from the lamp and will decrease the amount of heat generated in the room.

I have a 400w galaxy electronic ballast i am haveing problems with the 400w HORTILUX BLUE mh. it does not always come back on with the timer. i had to swich to the digilux bulb (i did not want to do that i only use hortilux your bulbs are the best) can u tell me why i only have problems with the blue and my super hps works flawless

You could have one or two problems.  It sounds like the ballast may not be providing the proper power to the bulb.  If the bulb sometimes comes on and sometimes it doesn't then you have a ballast problem.

The timer can also be a source of the problem as well.

You can take out the timer and see if the problem persists.  If the problem is still occuring then switch out the ballast and see what happens.

Please watch this video that discusses lamp/ballast compatibility troubleshooting.


You should never replace the bulb with a lower quality bulb because that affects the quality of your plant growth, especially when using a HORTILUX BLUE grow lamp.  If your ballast or your system is keeping the lights for operating properly, replace the ballast or timer.  The most important tool in your room in the grow light.

I have a hortilux hps bulb that practically exploded on me last night when it went bad. It cracked the tip of the bulb and it's all black inside I only had the bulb for a free months. Is this bulb covered under warranty with the tip of the bulb glass visually damaged?

All HORTILUX grow lamps carry a full 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  See our lamp warranty here http://www.eyehortilux.com/warranty/

I have been running a new EYE MH 1000w bulb with lumatek 1000w air cooled dig ballast for 30 days. The bulb will not completly start up now it will flicker wanting to start but I have to unplug ballast press the two reset buttons on balast plug back in then bulb will completely fire and run fine all day on a 18 hr cycle. Is my bulb failing or can it be a combatablity issues or failing ballast?

It sounds like you have a ballast problem. To be sure try operating the bulb with a different ballast. Watch this video on Lamp/Ballast Compatibility Troubleshooting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGlf-3-OC8I&list=PLPEQtZD6rfKP8xTL3esDAi-SznybL2h0B&feature=share&index=5

I have blown a 1000w hps bulb. i have a 1000w e-ballast. My main concern is there is alot of white corrosion on the socket threads. Is this a power issue? I have a dedicated 30a breaker but i have to use a power strip to control fans and light. the power bar has tripped before. The light is also in an inclosed hood that gets fresh air from outside. at night its prb close to freezing inside the hood. Is the freezing night time tempurate bad for the bulb.

It is possible that you had some arcing inside the socket.  Check the socket inside your hood for signs of arcing.  You may need to replace your socket. 

I have just purchased a Eye Hortilux metal halide estart 1000 grow lamp. Do I have to run this bulb on the HPS or MH side of my magnetic switchable ballast?

It should be run on the HPS setting of your 1000W magnetic ballast.

I just bought a 1000w super hps and when I fired the lamp for the first time the round micro chip in the end fractured into a few pieces and one of the wires that was hooked to it burnt in half the lamp still fired and worked but I need to know if this is a problem that should be replaced right away or if it even matters.

Please return the lamp to the store where you purchsed it.  That lamp should not be used again.  This is covered under the one year warranty period.

I just picked up my new Hortilux Blue 600W bulb from an authorized dealer and when i took it out of the box i noticed a residue or something on the inside glass piece. Not sure on the technical names. Just want to be sure it is going to be alright before i attempt to hit it with my Lumatek. The seller said it is "fired" from the factory. Let me know your input on this issue.

The residue you are seeing inside the arc tube is normal.  That is part of the exclusive HORTILUX chemistry does that goes into each grow lamp. 

We do start every HORTILUX grow lamp before they are shipped out.  We do this to test the performance of the lamp and make sure you are getting a finished product that will work right out of the box.

Here is a video that shows an example of what you are seeing.

I keep getting broken bulbs from a supply company and am wondering if the arc tube on a 1000w mh is supposed to have loose mercury inside of it.

If the bulbs are broken please return them to the place of purchase for a replacement.  Please watch this video that may help explain what you are seeing inside the bulb.  http://youtu.be/oOWvVYPqAUA

I keep hearing commonly accepted "wisdom" that HPS bulbs are better for flowering than MH which are better for vegging. The hypothesis being that plants have adapted to a lower sun angle in fall which causes a bias in the PAR spectrum toward the red end. Are you aware of any scientific basis for this hypothesis (ie published papers)?I suspect that the increased lumens/watt of HPS has more to do with it than any added red spectrum.

HPS lamps are typically better at inducing flowering because of the spectrum of light they produce.  The spectrum of an HPS light is similar to what is available in nature during the late summer months.

Metal Halide lamps produce more of a blue spectrum which is similar to what is available in nature during the spring and early summer months.

Spectrum is what drives plant response, not Lumens.

I read your lighting guide. I have 54W T5 fluorescents (8 per ballast hood) that yields 40,000 Lumens per hood. Your guide says to ignore that and instead focus on a spectral distribution chart or a PAR measurement. How do the T5's stack up?

T5 grow lamps are great for starting plants at the seedling stage and getting them to the vegitative stage.  However many T5 products do not provide a spectral distribution chart so you really have no idea what you are providing to your plants in terms of spectral quality.

T5 grow lamps are not generally used to flower plants because they lack the intensity and spectrum offered by HID lights.

I read your Q&A's and learned a lot, thank you. I understand the readings from a lux meter are not the best way to measure the amount of useful light for plant growth, but would it be useful to compare the relevant strength of lights in a room that have been changed at different times, without proper records to know which is which?

You would want to measure the spectral quality of each lamp.  To do that you could use a Spectroradiometer.

A Spectroadiometer will allow you to measue each lamps spectral quality over its life.

Without a Spectroadiometer keeping track of your installation dates and using our Lamp Replacement Guide will also ensure a quality spectrum for your plants.


I want to hang a metal halide bulb vertically. Is this possible or do I need to purchase a special bulb for going vertical?

All HID lamps have operating position requirements that need to be considered prior to purchasing.

Please refer to the directions on the packaging which will tell you the specific, required operating orientation of the lamp.

Some lamps, mainly Metal Halide, are manufactured to operate in a specific position. If the lamp is not used in its proper burn position you will reduce the performance and life of the lamp.

HPS lamps can be operated in any position.

I wanted to know if you offer a 400Watt ballast /bulb set that does both metal halide and high pressure sodium in one?


I wanted to know if you offer a 400Watt ballast /bulb set that does both metal halide and high pressure sodium in one?

I am sorry we do not have any product that is a all-in-one system.

We do have many 400W HPS and Metal Halide lamps available but no Dual Arc 400W offerings.

I was curious about vertical lighting. What is the proper heighth to place the lamp in relation to the top of the plant canopy? Any info would be great...thanks

Low wattage systems (150W-250W) generally should be a minimum of 12" - 24" from the top of your plants.

Medium wattage systems (400W-600W) generally should be a minimum of 12"-36" from the top of your plants.

High wattage systems (600W-1000W) generally should be a minimum of 18"-48" from the top of your plants.

This also varies based on the stage of growth your plants are in. 

I was under the impression that the bulbs when fresh from the store aren't capable of producing their strongest output, but instead attain the ability to produce their strongest output after a cycle? Is this true?

All HID lamps do go through a "break in" period but it is not as long as one growth cycle.  HID lamps are fully "broken in" after 100 hours of burn time, or just over 4 days. This is a lighting industry standard.

All HID lamps are burned for 100 hours before they are measured for their performance.  This to is a lighting industry standard.

If you have any further questions please let me know.

Mark Thomas

I was wondering how you would go about amending the capacitor arrangement to drive a standard 1000 watt core & coil ballast to achieve 1200 watts of power to the bulb. It is my understanding that eye hortilux bulbs are engineered with a 30% cushion to prevent blowout. any info in this matter would be hugely appreciated.

We do not recommend over driving lamps.  This shortens lamps life and can be potentially dangerous.

I was wondering if the Hortilux Blue MH bulb can operate on a switchable magnetic core ballast; and if so does it need to be run on the HPS setting as the E-START MH bulb does, or can it be run on the MH setting?

The HORTILUX BLUE Metal Halide Grow Lamp can be used on a switchable magnetic ballast only in the MH setting.  It can also be used on an electronic ballast.  The HORTILUX BLUE works extremely well with our Platinum and Gold series electronic ballasts which can be seen here http://www.eyehortilux.com/products/ballast

I was wondering other than the warranty, what is the difference between the Platinum and Gold series ballast?

There are many differences between the EYE HORTILUX Platinum Series and the Gold Series electronic ballasts.

First the Platinum provides power to the lamp with a low frequency, square wave design.  This allows the lamp to produce more photons of light to the plant than most ballasts on the market.

The Gold Series provides power to the lamps with a high frequency, sine wave design.  This allows the lamp to produce more photons of light to the plant than most magnetic ballasts on the market and outperforms our competitor’s electronic ballasts.

The Platinum is an air cooled ballast while the Gold is a completely sealed ballast.

The Platinum is only available in 1000 watts while the Gold is availabe in 1000W, 600W, 400W and 250W.

Both our Platinum and Gold will operate ANY lamp brand including our HORTILUX Super HPS, HORTILUX BLUE Metal Halide and the HORTILUX eStart Metal Halide.

We have videos explaining our ballast on our YouTube page.  View them here www.youtube.com/hortiluxtv

I was wondering why the new 600w BLUE Metal Halide has such low lumen output.

Many of the stated lumen measurements by other brands are no where near the actual performance of the grow lamp. Because we have a certified libratory that measures the performance of lighting our lighting products, we are required to publish the actual results of our lamps. If we don't, we risk losing our laboratories accreditation.

600W Metal Halide lamps are very rare because they do not
exist in the general lighting industry. Therefore they are very hard to design and manufacture with any performance  consistency.

EYE HORTILUX has designed and developed a 600W Metal Halide that will provide consistent light output with a spectrum that very closely mimics natural sunlight.

I've been told that if an EYE HORTILUX bulbs label is orange instead of brown it is a used bulb; is this true?

This is correct.  The label will turn from Brown to Orange after 10 hours of use.  See the change in this video that explains the lamp monogram. http://youtu.be/G93nuvH-hIQ

If a bulb blows when I am not there what will the ballast do if left on for an extended period ? I have a magnetic type.

If an HID lamp were to blow up the ballast will continue to run until either you shut it off or the ballast burns itself out.

If I am using dimable 1000w ballast set a 600w, can I use a 600w MH bulb in veg ?

There is a big difference between a "Dimmable" ballasts and a "Select-a-watt" ballast.  Yet some ballasts say they are "Select-a-watt" are really just dimmable ballasts.

If you are using a true Select-a-watt ballast you can run any 600W light on the ballast when set to the proper wattage for the lamp.

iI purchased 2, MT1000B-D/HOR/HTL-BLUE bulbs. I have a duel ballast that can power both HPS and MH bulbs, what do i set my ballast for HPS OR MH? Thank you.

The MT1000B-D/HOR/HTL-BLUE is a Metal Halide lamp.  You must use the Metal Halide setting on your ballast to operate this lamp type.

In regards to the LU1000MH/HTL/EN, the system requirements indicate a magnetic ballast, but you don't sell a magnetic ballast. If I need to purchase a magnetic ballast from another source, is one brand better than another or does it matter? Thanks.

The HORTILUX Dual Arc grow lamp (LU1000MH/HTL/EN) can be run on any branded magnetic ballast with an ANSI rating of S52.  This ANSI rating is typically on all 1000W HPS magnetic ballasts.

The ANSI rating helps match the ballast to the lamp to ensure compatibility.

Is a super HPS adequate for both vegetative growth & flowering / fruit production? Wanting to save $ and not buy multiple bulbs.

Yes our Surper HPS Grow Lamp can be used in the vegetative
stage.  Our Super HPS provides 25% more blue spectral output than our competitors.  This is why our HPS lamp is the number 1 choice for indoor growers world wide.  Learn more about our Super HPS lamps here http://www.eyehortilux.com/products/High-Pressure-Sodium#shps

For better yields and better quality plants it is best to use Metal Halide lamps during the vegetative stage and switch over to HPS for flowering and fruit production.  This has been documented as the best application of light when growing with zero natual sunligh.

Is it okay to use a 1000w hps bulb with a 1000w ballast dimmed to a 750w or 600 setting?

We do not recommend dimming HID lamps.  HID lamps will operate when dimmed but the spectral quality of the lamp will change in a negative way.

HID lamps are designed to operate at a specific wattage. When you flip the switch, or turn the wattage dial, you are reducing the operating wattage of your lamp. This reduces the temperature inside the lamp and causes some of the chemical reactions inside the lamp to stop. This has a dramatic and negative impact on the quality of the light being produced by your lamp. 

If you want to reduce the power of your system we recommend using a lower wattage lamp and operating it at its proper wattage.  This way you can reduce power without sacrificing the quality of your spectrum and ultimately the quality of your plants.

Is Running your 1000watts super hps on 750watts bad For the bulb. Does the spectrum Change.what about running at 500watts

We do not recommend running any wattage lamp at a lower or higher wattage setting.

By reducing the wattage to the lamp you will affect the quality of the spectrum which in turn will affect the quality of plant growth.

By increasing the wattage to the lamp you will shorten the life of the lamp significantly.

Always operate your HID grow lamps at their rated wattage for reliable performance.

is the super hps good for veg and flowering plants. if not which one is it good for?

The HORTILUX Super HPS grow lamps can be used during the vegitative stage due to the added blue spectrum produced by the light.  Our HPS will out perform competitive HPS lights in the veg stage because of our exclusive spectrum.

Best practice for indoor plant growth is to use Metal Halide grow lamps for the vegitative stage.  MH lamps produce a spectrum that is more suited for veg.

Switching to HPS for the flowering stage is a commonly accepted practice.

Is there an accurate way to determining the level of degradation in a lamp to accurately know when to replace it? Your website just says # of months in general. this is not good enough for me.

You would have to purchase a Spectrometer to measure the quality of the spectrum at various times during the life of the lamp. A spectrometer will allow you to measure the spectral degradation over time allowing you to accurately determine when to replace lamps as it relates to yield loss.

Any other type of light meter measuring Lumens, Lux, PAR etc
is useless in determining the quality the spectrum.

Is there separate bulbs for magnetic and digital balasts

Yes.  We clearly state on our packaging and on our web site which bulbs can be used on magnetic and or electronic/digital ballasts. http://www.eyehortilux.com/products/

is your 430W HPS p/n LU430S/HTL/EN compatible with the magnetic ballasts?

The 430W HPS is compatible with magnetic ballasts and should be used on an ANSI rated S51 ballast.

Is your Eye Hortilux Enhanced 1000 watt HPS lamp compatible with electronic ballast? Are they Probe-Start or Pulse start? Thanks!

Yes, the EYE HORTILUX Super HPS grow lamps are compatible with electronic ballasts.

The terms Probe Start and Pulse Start refer to Metal Halide HID lamps.  These terms do not relate to HPS lamps.  We do offer both Probe and Pulse rated lamps. 

The EYE HORTILUX BLUE is a Probe Start grow lamp that can be used on magnetic or electronic ballasts.

The EYE HORTILUX eStart grow lamps are Pulse Start grow lamps that can be used on electronic ballasts.

The EYE HORTLILUX Metal Halid grow lamps are Probe Start grow lamps that should only be used on magnetic ballasts.

Get more information on all our grow lamps here http://www.eyehortilux.com/products/

It was claimed by a plasma light company that the air cooling of HPS bulbs reduces the temperature of the bulb, thus reducing the lumen output. Is the airflow from my aircooled hoods reducing my lumen output and if so do you know how much at a specific temperature of air introduced to the hood and at a specific cfm as a baseline.

Running cold air over the bulb inside the fixture will not reduce the lumen output of the lamp.  That air is only cooling the air and the outer jacket (bulb) but it is not cooling the arc tube. 

To cool the arc tube the air would have to be significantly cold (sub zero temperatures) and even if it were that cold the only real affect it would have on the lamp is it would take longer to warm up and get to full power.

You can run cool air over your grow lamps without any adverse affects.

Lamp glass is turning brown after 6 months of use?

Typically for HPS lamps, the sodium begins to migrate from the arc tube and accumulate on the outer bulb. A small amount of discoloration is normal. However, some electronic ballasts will increase this phenomenon which reduces light output if the discoloration is significant. More frequent lamp replacement may be needed depending on the type of electronic ballast.

May I use a 400w HPS in the 600w ballast ? Why or Why not ? Thank You.

You do not want to operate a 400W lamp on a 600W ballast!  This is very dangerous.  It will provide way too much power to the lamp.  You could blow out your bulb and possible start a fire. Only operate lamps to their stated wattage.

My lamp is already 3, 6, or 9 months into its warranty by the time I received it from my supplier. What do I need to do to get this lamp warranted from the date of installation?

Keep a record of when you bought the lamp. A sales receipt is fine, or have the store scribe the base for you.

On a switchable ballast do you run the dual arc super blue metal halide bulb on the hps or mh setting? I think it should be on the hps setting but I would like a definitive answer. Thanks

The HORTILUX Dual Arc grow lamp should be operated on the HPS setting of a switchable magnetic ballast.

On colder days I like to run my 1000w EYE Hortilux without a fan blowing through the enclosed fixture. Does this harm the bulb in any way since the glass is atatched to the fixture?

No, operating the lamp without air cooling will NOT damage the lamp.

On the 600 watt hps, what is recommended operating temperature of the bulb. Not the room but the bulb itself. thank you for your time.

There really is not recommended operating temperature of the bulb.  We have to design the bulb to operate at specific temperatures to insure the outer jacket or bulb does not melt.  Obviously we cannot exceed a temperature that will melt the glass.

The maximum bulb temperature is 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of my bulbs failed last night. I called the store where I purchased the bulb for a replacement and was told that if the bulb was broken or showed any cracks then hortilux would not honor the warranty regardless if the damaged occurred as a result of the bulb failing or not. I was then informed that i needed to purchase another bulb. The bulb is all black inside from the failure. Just for clarification is this accurate information or is the bulb still covered under warranty?

All of our grow lamps carry a full 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  Here is a link to our lamp warranty policy http://www.eyehortilux.com/warranty/#warrantyLamp .

The store should take the lamp back, test it and see if it is a warrantable failure.  If so they should replace the lamp instantly.

If you have any issues with this process, please feel free to call our customer service department 888-665-2677.

Please define: "must use an enclosed fixture". How do I know if my fixture is enclosed? I am interested in using your Metal Halide "Blue" 400W bulb, in a "water cooling" Hydroreflector. I was planning to NOT set up the water cooling for a couple more months, and I was planning to use the fixture initially with the end caps off to allow passive air flow on each end (unvented). Is this considered Enclosed? Thank-you.

An enclosed fixture is required when running most Metal Halide lamps.  It is required as a precaution in the rare occurrence that the lamp may explode.  If the lamp explodes in an enclosed fixture, all the contents will stay inside the fixture and not enter your garden. 

An enclosed fixture will have a glass lens that will encase you lamp inside the fixture.  Most fixtures have the ability to remove the lens.  Make sure you are using the lens anytime you use a Metal Halide lamp.

Regarding life expectancy of 600w/htl/en bulb, you've answered: Average lamp life is rated by the manufacture in hours. The number given is 16,000 hrs. however: We recommend that HPS lamps should be replaced in 1 to 1½ years and Metal Halide lamps should be replaced in 6 to 9 months. - The time given in hours and the time given in years do not compute. What is the number of hours i can use my lamps productively?

The lamps average life means the average time the light will stay lit.  We suggest replacing your grow lamps about every year because the quality of the spectrum degrades beyond the point of quality plant growth.

The light will still remain on and produce plant growth meaning the plants will not grow as fast or produce as much yield as a new lamp.

Should I be concerned with the glass imperfections, scratches, black dots, etc.?

No. Like most manufacturing processes, glass varies from lamp to lamp and you may see some slight imperfections in the glass. However, all of our lamps are quality inspected prior to packaging and if the imperfections are too severe we will not sell the lamp.

Should I wear gloves when installing my lamp?

It is recommended because they provide protection from cuts in the unlikely event that the glass should break when you're removing or installing a lamp. The other benefit is that it will help keep the glass clean which provides for the best possible lamp performance.

Since you say different Kelvin temperature doesn't effect plants differently does that mean HPS is just as good for veg as MH ? And does that mean that those green work lights that are advertised to not effect plants during the dark cycle are really disrupting there dark cycle and should not be used?

HPS grow lamps in general are better for flowering and fruit production than Metal Halide grow lamps.  This is due to the spectral distribution the lamps emit.

HPS grow lamps are better at flowering because they produce a spectrum that mimics the type of light produced in the late summer early fall season.

Metal Halide grow lamps are typically better during the vegetative stage because they produce a spectrum that mimics the type of light produced in the early spring season.

When deciding which HID lamps are best for your garden, always compare the spectral quality of the lights so you know exactly what your plants are receiving.

We provide a spectral distribution chart on all EYE HORTILUX grow lamps so you know what each light will provide for your garden.

so the platinum can use all your bulbs and the gold ballast can also but not reg mh bulbs right? Also many Digital ballast cant run your blue mh, your gold says it can run blue, can it run all of them?

The EYE HORTILUX Platinum and Gold Sereies Electronic Ballasts can operate HORTILUX Super HPS, BLUE and eStart grow lamps.

Summer is just around the corner and the heat is coming. I normally run 1000W HPS, but I would be able to manage the summer heat better if I could run a 750W HPS. Since EYE/Hortilux does not make a 750W HPS can I use a 1000W HPS on a 750W ballast and still have the lamp perform . My main concern is if the spectrum and longevity of the lamp would still be the same if a 1000W lamp is used on a 750W ballast.Thanks.

We do not recommend dimming any HID lamp.  This causes the quality of the spectrum to change making it a less effective grow lamp.

A600W HPS lamp running at 100% will grow better quality plants than a 1000W lamp being dimmed.

Here is a further explanation in this short video.


The lamp's glass turns black but still fires.

The lamp has failed due to an arc tube leak and the lamp needs to be replaced. If it is within 1 year from the date of purchase you should request a warranty claim.

There seems to be conflicting fixture requirements for your M600LU/HTL/Blue and LU1000MH/HTL/EN light bulbs. When I look at the system requirements it says I can use them in an open fixture but when I look at "special instructions" it says I have to use an enclosed fixture. So which fixture do I need to use, and if I happen to use them in an open fixture what are the consequences?

The HORTILUX BLUE 600W Metal Halide (MP600LU/HTL/BLUE) is open fixture rated and can be used in an open fixture.

The HORTILUX Dual Arc (LU1000MH/HTL/EN) should be used in a closed fixture.  The listing on the site needs to be corrected.

Metal Halide lamps have a tendency to blow up.  That is why we are required to rate them as "enclosed fixture only."  However, some MH lamps, such as our 600W BLUE, have a protective shroud surrounding the internal arc tube.  This protective shroud can contain any potential explosion keeping the outer bulb in tact, providing protection for the grower and the plants.  Always refer to the directions on the lamp packaging to see the fixture rating for each lamp.

We are in the process of constructing an operation with fan cooled hoods. We were considering the possibility of mechanically cooling the supply air to do this. What is the optimum ambient temperature for the lamps? (Could air that is too cold effect longevity or spectrum?)

Air cooling HID lamps will not affect the performance or the output.  The only way air cooling would affect the performance is if the air were sub zero degree temperatures.

What are the PAR measurements of the HORTILUX 600w Super HPS grow light at 36 inches?

The PAR measurement is very misleading and easily manipulated.  There are a lot of factors that can change the PAR output of the lamp.  Mainly the quality of the fixture.  

If your fixture focuses the light over a smaller footprint the PAR of the lamp will be higher than a fixture that spreads the light out over a large footprint.

The ballast used to operate the lamp can affect the PAR of the lamp as well.

Watch this video showing how the quality of the fixture can affect the PAR measurement. http://youtu.be/_IvrOL6Vtbo 

PAR is not the best way to determine the quality of a grow lamp.  The Spectral Distribution shows the quality of a grow lamp and is the best way to determine the growing power of a grow light.  PAR is only a measure of the grow bulbs intensity, very similar to Lumens.

What are the risks associated with working under HID light? I spend a lot of time working in my indoor garden while my 1000w Hortilux lights are on. I always wear a hat and UV-glasses, and I’d like to know if this is sufficient protection.

When working in close proximity to HID lighting you should treat it as if you are outside working under the summer sun.  Wearing a hat and sunglasses is recommended. 

As with natural sunlight, HID light does produce Ultra Violet Radiation.  If your working for long periods of time under HID lights keep exposed skin to a minimum.

In addition, you should always operate Metal Halide lamps in an enclosed fixture for your safety and the safety of your plants. 

Beyond this there are no major concerns or issues when working under HID lights.

What do I do if the store I bought my bulb at went out of business and I need to make a warranty claim?

Call us at 877-905-2562.  We will get you in touch with a local store that can replace your lamp ASAP.

What is the differance between the 1000W MH and 1000W BLUE MH besides price?

The main difference between the 1000W BLUE Metal Halide and the 1000W Metal Halide is the spectral distribution. When you compare the spectral distribution of both lamps you will see that the BLUE has a more powerful and balanced spectrum. The HORTILUX™ Standard Metal Halide has a classic Metal Halide spectrum.

HORTILUX™ BLUE is the closest match to natural sunlight of any light source available today. This lamp is used by experienced growers who demand the highest quality plant production.

What should I do if my lamp does not start right out of the box?

EYE HORTILUX starts and operates every lamp we produce to ensure minimal lamp problems for our customers. Furthermore, we comply with ISO9001:2008 quality program which ensures our process is clearly defined and has minimal variation. Chances are, there is not a problem with the lamp. Make sure the lamp and ballast are compatible. Be sure to turn the power off prior to lamp installation. Once the lamp is installed firmly in the socket (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN), turn the power back on and the lamp should start.

What should I do if my new lamp has a broken shard of glass that rolls around inside the jacket (bulb)?

This is fairly common because all of our lamps are vacuum lamps, meaning that vacuum pumps are used to attain the desired pressure inside the lamp. During production, broken glass circulates through the pumps and is blown into the lamp.

This is not cause for concern unless you can actually see that a part of the lamp is broken inside and that is where the glass came from.

What type of ballast can i use with the 1000 watt blue dual arc bulb ?….e ballast…etc

The EYE HORTILUX Dual Arc should be operated by a 1000W HPS magnetic core and coil ballast.

What voltage does the lamp like to have 120V or 240V?

120v or 240v (and for that matter 208v, 277v or 480v) is the supply voltage to the ballast (not the voltage reaching the lamp). Please match the supply voltage with the appropriate ballast. ie: Houses in the USA have 120V outlets, please match this supply voltage with a 120V ballast. The ballast takes the supply voltage and then provides the correct power to the lamp.

What will happen if I run the light at a 45 degree angle and not HORIZONTAL?

You should only operate you grow lamps as instructed in the directions included on our packaging.

Anytime you operate a lamp in a position it was not designed for, you will shorten the life of your lamp and reduce the intensity and the spectral output.

HID lamps are designed and manufactured with an operating position in mind to achieve maximum output and reliability.

We do offer lamps that can meet any fixture layout.

When I look at different websites for the EYE Hotilux Blue 1000 watt, they tell me 65K but when I view your EYE site it tells me 5500K ? What difference will this make? I had ordered from a company and they said it was 65K Hortilux EYE. Will I need to know what the difference will do?

It really does not make a difference because if you are using the BLUE as a grow lamp you should not be concerned with Kelvin temperature. 

Kelvin temperature has nothing to do with the quality of the light spectrum you are getting for the lamp.  Furthermore Kelvin temperature will not grow plants. 
Kelvin temperature is a measurement of what that light source looks like to the human eye.  It does not explain or measure the quality of the full light spectrum provided by the lamp.

Always consider our web site as the main source for HORTILUX™ product specifications.

When using the Hortilux E-Ballast, what is the longest socket cable one can use to ignite a HPS bulb?

The HORTILUX Platinum series electronic ballast may be installed up to 15 feet away from the reflector/lamp. Distances greater than 15 feet may cause potential starting issues that can result in damage to the ballast and/or lamp.

When will you Come out with a double ended bulb or plasma light or led.

We are currently working on developing a double ended HPS lamp.  It should be available in 2014.

We do not have any immediate plans to launch a LED or Plasma at this time.

LED's at this time do not produce enough intensity for quality plant growth.  We are however working on developing a quality LED yet we have no plans to launch this product any time soon.

If you are interested in Plasma lighting might I suggest our HORTILUX BLUE grow lamps.  The BLUE offers a quality spectrum that is as good or better than Plasma and it is available in all wattages.  Plasma lights are not readily available above 400W.  See our HORTILUX BLUE grow lamps here http://www.eyehortilux.com/_controls/#collapse01

Where are you gold series ballast made at??

The EYE HORTILUX Gold Series electronic ballast is made in China.  The EYE HORTILUX Platinum Series electronic ballast is made in Japan.

Which would be better for flowering, the 400 blue mh or the 400 super hps?The charts side by side seem to indicate more red is available w/blue mh, or would the extra blue interfere w/full flowering. Obviously the 400 blue mh would be better for veg.

The HORTILUX BLUE grow light can be used in the flowering stage.  However the HPS will produce a larger yield while the BLUE will produce higher quality fruits and vegetables.

Keep in mind, spectral distribution charts do not represent intensity of light, only quality of light.  Learn more on how to understand a spectral distribution chart here http://www.eyehortilux.com/education-room/grow-guide.aspx#collapseSix

Why are there no 600 watt magnetic MH ballasts?

600W magnetic Metal Halide ballasts do not exist in the general lighting industry.

Why did the entire glass turn white (appeared to have smoked up) when it failed?

The cause is an air leak into the lamp itself. The lamp has failed and should be replaced.

Why does the lamp flicker?

When lamps are new, they may flicker during initial start up. Any flickering should settle down as the lamp warms up. If a lamp flickers after warm-up, there may be something wrong with the lamp or the ballast. You can isolate a ballast problem by installing another lamp. If this lamp flickers as well, you most likely have a ballast problem.

Why don't you publish PAR ratings?

Lumen and PAR rating do not tell the complete story in terms of plant growth. Both criteria can be optimized simply for ratings with little to no improvement in plant growth.

Watch this video showing how PAR measurements can be manipulated http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IvrOL6Vtbo&feature=share&list=PLPEQtZD6rfKOzPTWYSe9eOEMeqC04SvDr&index=8

Why is the metal frame bent?

If the frame is bent when the lamp is brand new then it was mishandled on its way to the store. Some frame discoloration and slight bending is normal as lamps age. However, severe bending is caused by excessive heat and/or the use of electronic ballasts which can create acoustic resonance in the lamp.

will a Hortilux 400w bulbe-Ballast compatible(for magnetic or electron Ballast)work with a Phantom Digital Ballast

If the ballast is designed properly, it should be able to operate any HID brand.  All HID lights are manufactured to the same operating specifications.  HID ballasts should be manufactured to meet those specifications.

Will a LU600 work better on a 1000 watt system?

No, only use lamps on ballasts rated for that lamp type.

Will I hurt my 1000W HPS if I dim it down to 50 percent or any percentages even turbo?

We do not recommend dimming HID lamps in general.  Dimming your HID lamps effectively changes the spectral quality coming from the grow lamp which in turn affect the quality of your plant growth.

As you dim your light, you are reducing the heat inside the internal arc tube.  This heat is critical allowing the chemistry to mix properly with the electrical arc which produces the spectrum required for plant growth.

You will have better quality plant growth from a 600W light running at 100% than you will from a 1000W light being dimmed down.

Overdriving your grow lights is not recommended because you run the risk of shortening the life of the lamp, burning off the internal chemistry much faster and you could possible blow up the lamp.

Will your EYE Hotilux Blue 1000w work with an 1000w Digital Ballast intended in mind or should I use a digital bulb? Same Question but with 1000w Hortilux Super EN HPS bulb?

EYE HORTILUX Super HPS, BLUE and eStart can be run on electronic/digital ballasts including HORTILUX electronic ballast.

Will your Platinum Series Electronic Ballast light a pulse start metalide lamp?

Yes, the Platinum Series e-Ballast will operate Pulse Start lamps.

Wondering what the air temp around the bulb should be for optimum output? I air cool my hoods during colder times and I am guessing that moving very cold air across the bulb will diminish its output. I have the ability to control the temp of the air I'm pulling so what would that ideal temp be? Thanks

There is no ideal recommended temperature the bulb should operate in.  Yes, air cooling your grow lamps can reduce the output but it also allows you to place the lamps closer to your plants effectively canceling out any major negative affects.

Metal Halide lamps are more affected than HPS lamps when air cooling.

yes if i use a 1000watt MH bulb and want to dial it down to 400 watts or 600 watt. Is the bulb still going to preform well at the lowers wattage? thx Mark

You should never "dial down" or "dim" your HID lamps when growing plants.  The lamp will not produce the spectrum it was designed to produce.  This will negatively affect plant growth.

A 600W lamp running at 100% will have better quality plant growth than a 1000W lamp being run at a wattage less than 100%.

You have a 7'x5' area. Existing are two king cobra xxxL reflectors using your 1000 super hps bulbs. Would 2 600w blue mh yield the same conditions.

You will most likely lose some yield but gain in the quality of your end product.

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