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What are the PAR measurements of the HORTILUX 600w Super HPS grow light at 36 inches?

The PAR measurement is very misleading and easily manipulated.  There are a lot of factors that can change the PAR output of the lamp.  Mainly the quality of the fixture.  

If your fixture focuses the light over a smaller footprint the PAR of the lamp will be higher than a fixture that spreads the light out over a large footprint.

The ballast used to operate the lamp can affect the PAR of the lamp as well.

Watch this video showing how the quality of the fixture can affect the PAR measurement. 

PAR is not the best way to determine the quality of a grow lamp.  The Spectral Distribution shows the quality of a grow lamp and is the best way to determine the growing power of a grow light.  PAR is only a measure of the grow bulbs intensity, very similar to Lumens.

Can the new eStart MH bulbs be used on dimmable electronic ballasts? Can they be set to 50% output? Can you overdrive the 1000 watt with an 1150 watt electronic ballast (boost on)?

eStart MH lamps can be run on a dimmable ballast and they can be over driven.  HOWEVER WE DO NOT RECOMMEND dimming or over driving any HID lamp.

When running the lamp below its rated wattage you run the risk of the lamp dropping out (shutting off).  This can happen because there is not enough voltage being supplied to the lamp to keep it lit. 

Reducing power to the lamp will also cause the spectral
quality of the lamp to diminish greatly, affecting plant growth.

When over driving, you run the risk of exploding the lamp.  Over driving provides more voltage than the lamp requires.  This can be very dangerous.  Especially with Metal Halide lamps.

How many umol's should a new Hortilux eye 1000w hps bulb emit and what distance from the bulb is that measured from? Also, how many umol's should be subtracted from that number to the point where the bulb should be replaced. I cannot go off of bulb hours because I do not know how many hours the bulbs in my facility has, so I purchased a Li-Cor sensor and meter.

There is no real way to provide that information and have it span the  wide array of fixtures and ballasts in the market.  Micro Moles are  greatly affected by the quality of the fixture and the quality of the  ballast.  The more focused the fixture, the more light you will get to your plants.

Micro Mole measurements are a more practical method of measuring the uniformity of your fixture rather than measuring the growing power of an HID lamp.

Please watch this video that explains how your system can affect your lighting measurements.

To learn more about PAR and what it measures and doesn't measure see our web site here 

The best way to decipher when to replace your grow lamps is to log the installation of each lamp.  Use our Lamp Replacement Guide when considering when to replace your grow lamps.

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