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Hortilux RECALL Product Power Cord

Date: 10/15/2012

Hortilux RECALL Product Power Cord

(October 15, 2012) – EYE HORTILUX™, a division of EYE Lighting International, has issued a recall on a 120V Input Power Cord effective immediately.  This power cord is included in the Hortilux Platinum Series Ballast kit. Some pretested power cords have shown a wiring issue which when plugged into the ballast and then a power outlet may potentially cause an electrical shock.

Anyone with products currently in use and/or sold between November 1, 2011 and October 15, 2012 should contact EYE Lighting by email (EYEHortiluxRecall@eyelighting.com) or call 888-665-2677.

Customers that contact EYE Lighting will be asked to provide their contact and address information so they may receive a safely tested replacement power cord as well as prepaid packaging for the defective cord to be returned.

The power cord problem was discovered during routine testing of EYE Lighting products prior to shipping to distributors for retail stores. The defective 120V power cord, sourced from an undisclosed US manufacturer, runs to the ballast from the wall outlet.  The ballast itself, and the cord that runs from the ballast to the lighting fixture, is not impacted by this recall.

“Our top priority is our customer’s safety. Now that we are aware of the issue, we are working quickly to contact our distributors, retailers and their customers to provide them with a safe power cord replacement,” said a spokesperson for the company.

EYE Lighting is currently testing all power cord sets in its facility to ensure safe products will continue to be distributed to its valued customers.

Customers that may have questions about their Hortilux Platinum Series Ballast should contact EYE Lighting (EYEHortiluxRecall@eyelighting.com or 888-665-2677).

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