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Date: 1/16/2013

The new EYE HORTILUX e-Start Metal Halide grow lamp is fast becoming the new choice for growers during the vegetative stage of plant growth. The main reason is due to its reliability when powered by a electronic ballast.

Many electronic ballasts today struggle when operating Metal Halide lamps in general because they are more geared to operating HPS lamps. They often lack the ability to consistently operate Metal Halide lamps. e-Start is able to accept the high voltage starting pulse typically supplied to a HPS lamp. This allows e-Start to operate on most electronic ballasts even poorly designed ones.

John from Detroit, Michigan says "I had pretty much given up on using Metal Halide bulbs with digital ballasts because they could never stay on. Yet my e-Start's have been on ever since I bought them and my plants couldn’t be happier."

Paul from San Francisco, California says "I had completely switched all my veging over to T-5's because I was so frustrated with digital ballasts not being able to run my Metal Halide's. I decided to give e-Start a try and was surprised that the lights not only stayed on but made my plants blow up."

To learn more about e-Start grow lamps visit http://www.eyehortilux.com/products/metal-halide#es

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