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HID lighting provides gardeners the ability to garden 365 days a year in a controlled, indoor environment.

EYE HORTILUX® offers premium HID grow lights and ballasts for indoor gardeners. EYE HORTILUX® also provides expert grow lamp advice, professional tips and useful information to help you make educated decisions regarding your HID lighting needs.

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Introducing PowerVEG T5 Grow Lamps Introducing PowerVEG T5 Grow Lamps

The new PowerVEG™ T5 from EYE HORTILUX is a game changer. The broad spectrum and the addition of UV will help build better root structure and allow plants to be transplanted more easily without shocking the system. 

No other T5 in the world can compare to PowerVEG™!

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EYE HORTILUX Recognized as Global Grow Lights Industry Leader
EYE Lighting International and its EYE HORTILUX® brand have been recognized as a worldwide leader in the 2015 Market Research Report on...

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What are the PAR measurements of the HORTILUX 600w Super HPS grow light at 36 inches?
The PAR measurement is very misleading and easily manipulated.  There are a lot of factors that can change the PAR output of the lamp.  Mainly the quality of the fixture.  

If your fixture focuses the light over a smaller footprint the PAR of the lamp will be higher... Read More

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