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HID lighting provides gardeners the ability to garden 365 days a year in a controlled, indoor environment.

EYE HORTILUX® offers premium HID grow lights and ballasts for indoor gardeners. EYE HORTILUX® also provides expert grow lamp advice, professional tips and useful information to help you make educated decisions regarding your HID lighting needs.

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HORTILUX Ballasts: What HORTILUX Ballasts: What's the Difference between Platinum & Gold?

Many people are asking "What is the difference between the HORTILUX Platinum Series and the HORTILUX Gold Series electronic ballasts'?"  

You will see the operating differences between the Platinum and the Gold as well as the differences between HORTILUX electronic ballasts and the competition.

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HORTILUX adds two new District Sales Managers
Rick Gzesh joined EYE HORTILUX on December 2, 2013 in the role of District Manager for the Midwest. In this role Rick will report to Mike Anderson,...

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2725 State Highway 32
Chico, CA
Hours: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Recent Question:

I have a 400w galaxy electronic ballast i am haveing problems with the 400w HORTILUX BLUE mh. it does not always come back on with the timer. i had to swich to the digilux bulb (i did not want to do that i only use hortilux your bulbs are the best) can u tell me why i only have problems with the blue and my super hps works flawless
You could have one or two problems.  It sounds like the ballast may not be providing the proper power to the bulb.  If the bulb sometimes comes on and sometimes it doesn't then you have a ballast problem.

The timer can also be a source of the problem as well.
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